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Parents are very welcome to make an appointment to visit Invitation 2 Play at any time when considering registering their child with us. As we try to avoid taking staff away from caring for children to show families around, we prefer to arrange visits when supernumerary staff are available so that parents can then spend as long as needed to ensure that they are happy with the team and facilities. Please contact us by telephone or email to arrange a visit.

Settling In

Parents are encouraged to visit the nursery with their child in the two weeks before they are due to start, to get to know the team, environment and routine. During this settling-in time, your child’s key worker will find out more about your child’s routines, likes and dislikes. Depending on your child, this period may be shortened or need to be longer and the number of visits with parents more frequent. Once a child begins to show signs of settling in, parents are encouraged to leave them for short periods of time. 

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